Notre Dame Lady Jerusalem

Notre Dame De Sion Religious of our Lady of Sion [Visit Guesthouse here] The convent of Notre Dame de Sion at Ein-Karem was built in 1861 by Alphonse Ratisbonne (called “Father Mary”), the brother of the founder of the order, Theodore Ratisbonne. After the massacre in Lebanon, Alphonse opened an orphanage and a school for the Arab population of the village. The Sisters kept the school until 1948, when this population fled the village. Since that time it has developed as a guest house, very much appreciated by the local population of the country both Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, as well as by pilgrims groups, who enjoy the beauty and the quiet of the place. Two communities of sisters of “Notre Dame de Sion” live in Ein Karem: on contemplative and one apostolic, together with another community called “Chemin Neuf” founded in 1973. All are at the service of the welcoming of the numerous guests and groups.

Guest House Facilities:
● 26 Rooms (Sgl: 2, Dbl: 13, Trp: 9, Qdp: 2)
● Full Board
● Dining Room
● Parking
● Cafeteria
● TV Room
● Chapel
● Garden
● Lecture Hall
● Heating
● Public Telephone
● Payment in Cash or Cheques

23, Rehov ha Qren
Ein Karem D.
95744 Jerusalem
Tel. 00972-2-6415738
Fax. 00972-2-6437739