St. Charles Convent Jerusalem

St. Charles Convent Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo [Visit Guesthouse here] It was in 1893 when the first Sisters came to the Holy Land and opened an infirmary and a dispensary in the German Colony, Jerusalem. These were the beginnings of St. Charles Convent. Apart from nursing the sick and old people, the Sisters took care of orphans and homeless children by offering them shelter and giving them a good education. In 1905 the Sisters could move into their new convent building, the original part of the present St. Charles Convent. In 1934 the first Holyland pilgrims were given accommodation and were offered meals for groups and from this source of income could be financed school, boarding and shelter for poor children.
World War II entailed hard times for the German Convent. All German Sisters in Palestine as well the Benedictines of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem were interned in St. Charles Convent. In addition, British officers occupied a number of rooms. After the war, the Sisters took on another work of charity; they offered shelter to German Jews who had survived the Holocaust in concentration camps and had emigrated to Israel. In the years to come St. Charles Convent saw an ever increasing flow of pilgrims who wanted to visit and
worship the Lord in Jerusalem, the heart and origin of our Christian faith. The traditional hospitality of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo makes their guests feel at home in the peaceful atmosphere of the house and in the friendly and comfortable rooms. Apart from their various activities the Sisters run a kindergarten and a pre-school class in the building next to the convent.

Guest House Facilities:
● 50 Rooms
● Full Board
● Dining Room
● Parking also for Buses
● Soft Drinks
● Chapel
● Elevator
● Garden
● Heating
● TV only in Salons
● Public Telephone
● Payment in Cash

Lloyd George St. 12
PO Box 8020
91080 Jerusalem
Tel. 00972-2-5637737
Fax. 00972-2-5636078